3rd September - Today's New: TS Dolly Approaches Mexico

September storm drenches Fairbanks with more record rainfall after the Alaskan city's wettest summer on record

Africa's farmers face 'failed seasons' risks - which, of course, they always have but now there are many more people, and a worldwide audience.  And human activities are making matters worse to boot.

Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano continues dramatic lava eruption - with concerns still that a larger eruption may occur

The 'Clovis Comet' is back on: did comet collision leave layer of nanodiamonds across Earth?  It seems so.

In Scotland,  mountaineers claim referendum debate ignoring wild land - though to be fair, it is ignoring an awful lot of things!   And a Highland estate awarded 'dark sky' status -  by the UK Dark Sky Discovery Project.  Maybe just in time then?


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