9th September - Today's News: Record Rainfall Floods Phoenix, AZ

Footage reveals a 3,300ft column of gas swirling above Bardarbunga - bit like a tornado.  Volnado?  Or lava devil?

An alleged meteorite leaves crater in Nicaraguan capital Mangua - but some are sceptical that that was the cause of the hole.  Meanwhile  a meteor illuminates Spanish skyline on Sunday as asteroid 2014RC flies past Earth.   But contrary to what certain tabloids tell us, no, were not facing an onslaught of asteroid impacts.

Greenhouse gases levels rising at fastest rate since 1984 - so much for all the taxes aimed at curbing them!   And of course, the reason that despite this global temps are not rising year on year is because, contrary to what the so-called sceptics would have you believe CO2 is not the only driver of global temperature.  And new research shows surprise global wamring hiatus could have been forecast - if only we had the models back then that we have now.  But that's science.

And also proving that science is about constantly checking and changing and improving our understanding as new information comes to light (as opposed to refusing to accept anything that refutes your preferred dogma or theory) new research shows that the standard textbook theory behind volcanoes may be wrong.  Mantle plumes do not exist.


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