12th August - Today's News: Ex-Bertha Brings Severe Flooding to Highlands

With over 100mm of rain in Lossiemouth yesterday, probably more in the hills, and rain still falling across lareg parts of the Highlands this morning, there has been widespread flooding in the Highlands - with at least one bothy - Bob Scott's at Derry Lodge - surrounded by waste-deep water and at least one Cairngorm briodge washed out, on top of lower level damage.  It will be several days before we know of any damage to other bothies.

Parts of Scotkand affected by ex-hurricane Bertha

Wester Ross landslides force overnight road closure

Emergency funding for Scottish flood damage

And a yachtsman dies as Hurricane Bertha claims UK victim

A global temperature conundrum: cooling or warming climate?  A new model suggests it has been warming for the past 10,000 years ......  Despite temperature proxies (and, indeed, observations of glacial advance and increasing sea ice)  indicating otherwise.  They seem to think the models are right.  I suspect they are wrong.

And trapped atmospheric waves triggering more weather extremes: trend expected to continue - so expect more milder or colder winter, hotter or wetter summers etc. .....


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