1st August - Today's News: Hottest August On Record Forecast .... Well, Sort Of .....

And in NZ, wild winds whip south.   Well, it is winter!

Asteroid impacts significantly altered ancient Earth

No, there is no suggestion of life once existing there, but fossils could be found on the Moon - if they are in rocks that were ejected from the Earth (by impacts here) and later landed as meteorites on the Moon.

We are 80% confident that Central England mean temperatures (which covers a large triangular region typical of most of the Midlands and much of the South of England this August will pip or be equal to the warmest on record. Our statement gives details of what this means and includes comment on the fact that while official records probably exagurate temperatures this August would still likley be in or near to the top 5 in the record of over 300 years if likely data exagurations were corrected.
I assume by that that he means it will be the warmest/joint warmest on record, according to official figures, but because (he thinks) the MetO always exagurate (sic) temps, in reality it will only be one of the top 5 warmest at best .......   At present there is nothing to suggest August will be exceptionally warm, but not expecially cool either and I think there's a good chance it will be another above average month (the 8th consecutive such month this year).

(incidently, his acolytes are already claiming that the Met Officer are predicting a washout August, on the basis of media stories saying it will rain this week.  You couldn't make it up!)


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