14th October - Today's News: Cyclone Phailin Hits India

India's Cyclone Phailin leaves trail of destruction as hundreds of thousands return home - though many have no home to return to.  Timely evacuations appear to have saved a great many lives though, although there have still been 22 reported fatalities.  Meanwhile, as a consequence of Phailin, heavy rain triggers floods in Odisha, thousands evacuated

Vietnam and China brace for Typhoon Nari which has killed 13 in the Philippines

And having told us on Saturday that record-breaking snow predicted for November, Nathan Rao, Daily Express forecaster extraordinaire today says now it's going to rain heavily till Christmas ......  Er, which is it Nathan?   Sadly, there are some still fooled by his sensational, inaccurate, ill-advised and sometimes dangerously misleading headlines.   Does look like being wet next weekend though ....


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