28th October - Today's News: Disruption as Gales Hit Southern England

An inch of rain in Evesham overnight, making it probably the wettest night of the year.  But winds almost non existent as the center of the "storm of the century" [sic] passed just to our south.   A bit breezer to the south though with the highest inland gust looking to have been 79mph at Andrewsfield in Essex.   So it's not quite true that St Jude's Day storm brings hurricane-strength winds to UK, even if it has caused disruption for commuters in the SE and also problems in the SW where CrossCountry passenger train hits hits tree in Devon.  The Met Office have issue a release detailing wind speeds and rainfall totals. We may see genuine hurricane strength winds (sustained wind speeds in excess of 74mph) in the UK next weekend though - albeit in Scotland.  Sadly, girl dies as storm hits southern UK and certainly some damage in places where they've not strong winds for some time, including Westminster where crane collapses on Cabinet building.

Meanwhile, across the Channel, 75,000 households left with power in France and severe gales batter the Netherlands

And OMG we're all going to die!   Again!   Astronomers in Siberia locate asteroid heading towards Earth in 2065


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