15th October - Today's News: The Great Storm 25 Years On

Today is the 25th anniversary of 'The Great Storm' - of which my main memory is waking up to hear a terrific roaring sound outside, turning over, and going back to sleep .....    And dodging debris on the road walking into work next morning.  Britain has, of course, been hit by worse storms many times since.  But not in the SE.   And it wasn't all disaster.  The Great Storm: the healing power of nature.   Meanwhile, Michael Fish gets 'hurricane' forecast right in tribute advert

As Rafael moves through the Caribbean, storm could strengthen to hurricane

David Rose has been caught out making up misleading stories in the Daily Mail again.  He claims global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met office report quietly released.   Except there is no such report and all he has done is to produce his own graph (it's not clear what the data points on it are) with a deliberately cherry-picked start date.  A graph which, incidently, clearly shows significant warming over the past 14 years ......   The Met Office response is here.   Unfortaintely, the story has gone viral across the internet because a) people want it to be true and b) no-one ever bothers to check if stories they want to be true actually are true.  And thus do lies become 'fact'.

And another bizarre story with bad weather now blamed for rise in domestic violence, although an increase in house building is also blamed. 


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