27th October - Today's News: First Snow of Season for England

Autumn just turned white. Snow fell fairly widely in the Highlands and eastern Scotland yesterday, with some nice accumulation in, for example, Aberdeen.  Overnight and into this morning a few showers have spread south to some eastern parts of England - giving the first snow of the season here, a day earlier than we saw it in 2008, the last time lowland parts of England saw October snow.

But it could turn a lot snowier in parts of America soon as 'Frankenstorm' bears down on US east coast

And in the east, deadly tropical storm Son-Tinh batters Philippines

In Eskdale, Minnygap turbines blocked amid nuclear ban check fears - it's feared vibrations from them could affect the MoD seismograph used to monitor nuclear explosions.   Seen, nuclear weopons do have a positive benefit!


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