3rd October - Today's News: Triple Digit Temps in California

Tourist attraction boss considers suing Met Office over 'pessimistic' weather forecasts, claiming amongst other things that "Over the August bank holiday weekend I remember they forecast a whole weekend of rain with heavy rain on the Saturday. We did not have a drop and were enjoying sunshine and blue sky all day" - radar archive clearly shows widespread and quite heavy showers affecting all parts of the country on Saturday, and again in the SW on the Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.  This thread on UKww contains reports of heavy thunderstorms, hail and a lot of lightning on the 25th (including torrential downpours in Devon)  ......  Oops!  Sounds to me like the MetO got it spot on!   To persue a successful legal case he would need exact details of what was forecast and what actually transpired - I suspect after obtaining such in the case would be quickly dropped .....   Of course, he may just be one of those who thinks the National TV weather forecast is specifically for his own back garden!


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