30th October - Today's News: Record Storm Surge as Sandy Hits New York

Bounty crew member pronounced dead, with the captain still missing as the replica sail boat sank in heavy seas 
produced by Sandy off Carolina

Disappointment for UKww forum member Chris as Weatherquest loses contract to provide forecasts for BBC Radio Norfolk

A bit more info today as Highland councillors to consider Lochaber hydro scheme - the mention of being near Spean Bridge threw me yesterday.   It's actually the already proppsed (and objected to by some) scheme above Loch Lochy, near Laggan, involving a new reservoir beneath the Munro Sron a Choire Ghairbh.   Given we need more pump storage to make some use of wind power (and given wind turbines aren't going to go away!) I'm ambivilent.   The Cruachan scheme is not really obtrusive and indeed even a tourist attraction.  And probably better than the Glen Doe scheme, where the upper reservoir has flooded a remote moor,  and seen miles of roads created across the peat, rather than just create a high coire lochan.

And on the energy issue, Hitachi buys UK nuclear project from EOn and RWE - so we might yet see some new nuclear power stations, each generating as much electricity as at least 1,000 of the current largest turbines, being built.


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