23rd October - Today's News: Scientists Convicted For Failing To Predict Earthquake

In a shocking piece of medieval witch-huntery, a supposedly modern country has convicted scientists for failing to predict an unpredictable event (or more accurately, for implying that an unpredictable event was unlikely to occur).  L'Aquila quake: Italy scientists guilty of manslaughter.   It sets a frightening precedent.  What next?   Forecaster jailed for failing to predict the exact time and location of a flash flood?  If Michael Fish had made his infamous 1987 forecast in Italy, he would presumably have been imprisoned for life!  Is this the 21st century.  Or the 12th?   Michael Hanlon's view: Italy courts turn back on science.

What is blood rain?  Er, sandy rain.  And not that uncommon.

Thick fog leads to more than 120 cancelled flights at Heathrow - well it is autumn, what do you expect? 

Allt Duine wind farm public enquiry starts in Aviemore - one thing that always bemuses me is when, as in this case, they decide to reduce the number of planned turbines.  Do they not understand?  One turbine causes nearly as much environmental damage and affects the landscape as much as 100.   I'd sooner see a ban on all farms under 50 turbines.   Less bigger farms, not more smaller ones!

And having dug a big hole, David Rose digs much deeper as he continues to misinform Mail on Sunday readers, falsely claiming The REALLY inconvenient truths about global warming. It's full of half-truths, missing data, misinterpretation and quotes out of context.  Let's just say that if, as he claims, the last warming period ended in 1997 then according to his own figures, the current warming period began in 1999 and shows no sign of abating.  


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