14th December - Today's News: Record Waves as More Storms Batter Britain

Snow and strong winds disrupt travel in Scotland with in Ireland a record breaker: monster wave in top surf spot and a severe weather warning as storms batter Ulster whilst heavy rain and snow disrupt traffic.

In Hampshire, ex-ambassador Richard Wilkinson trapped as tree smashes roof and roof blown off Bexhill flats as gales batter South-east.

Stormiest UK weather for years expected to continue and there could be more gales tonight, whilst although the big storm on Thursday/Friday now looks like tracking south bringing the worst of the winds through the Channel and especially into France - which could see some very serious conditions on Friday - there is now an increased risk for snow across the Midlands. All good wintry stuff!

And during last week's storm, up on Orkney, seal pup blown into field of sheep by gale-force winds

Poor spring blamed for affecting sea eagles

Flooding means state of emergency declared in Nelson, NZ

America's top hurricane forecasters give up trying to predict summer storm season in December - because they can't do it.

There's shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases deadly greenhouse gas

Space weather prediction model improves forecasting

Papua New Guinea hit by 7.1 magnitude quake

And finally, an interesting piece by Bjorn Lomberg, writing in the China Daily, about the climate extremists - aka the media. Well worth reading, even if you don't agree with some of his other views.


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