12th December - Today's News: Britain Prepares For More Storms

Get ready for the windiest week of the year as storms are on their way to batter most of the UK - it's going to be wet, it's going to be very windy at times, and we might even see the odd flurry of snow. But after this week the weather looks like calming down a bit, especially in the south, and it's odds on from a rather mild, green Christmas.

Some studding photos from Australia where you can expect to be drenched: rain causes Sydney chaos

Motorists trapped in flooded Gothenburg on Friday night

Britain's birds suffer bust and boom due to 2011's rollar-coaster weather

Strong earthquake rattles Mexico, killing tow

There have been 1,500 accidents and incidents on UK wind farms in the past 5 years - it would be useful it have a comparison with other forms of energy production though since on their own these figures don't really mean anything.


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