19th December - Today's News: Many Hundreds Dead, Missing After TS Washi Hits Philippines

Over the weekend, Philippines flood toll passes 650 as search continues with mass burial for Philippines flood victims. Grim scenes indeed. It's been the worst storm of the year for a country which is sadly prone to such disasters.

Here in Britain, still no snow seen in Evesham and we're looking very likely now to see an entirely snow free 2011. And a green Christmas. Just like in the US: dreaming of a white Christmas? Dash it all! They too have had a lot less snow than last year, and indeed only around half the longer term average. Must be this new ice age they keep telling us about! Although that said, today a major storm takes aim at SW Great Plains.

Walker dies in avalanche on Y Garn in Snowdonia after a cornice he was standing on collapsed

In Victoria, residents evacuated as storms cause flash flooding

India cold wave claims dozens of lives in north - though I'm not quite sure how water pipes froze if the temperature only plummeted to +2.8c? Such cold spells are quite normal in the north of India in winter.

Meteorite shockwaves trigger dust avalanches on Mars


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