10th December - Today's News: Did Deforestation Cause Haiti Earthquake?

First air frost of the 'autumn' here in Evesham this morning, though only just with a min of -0.8c. Rather different to last December! This is the latest date on which I've recorded an air frost still my records begain in 2003. The previous latest date was 1st December 2009.

Some more stories from Thursday's storms:

Scotland clears up storm damage but many still without power

Family flee as wind whips through house

Oil vessels broke anchors in winds

A82 briefly reopens and snow returns

And the bad news is that there's more to come with another storm on Tuesday and a potentially much worse one next Friday.

Snow fall in the Alps - and not a minute too soon

In Nigeria, hot weather heralds severe harmattan

A daft and frankly nonsensical Plain English award for Met Office 'gobbledygook' - apparently it's because they don't understand the difference between precipitation and rain. Idiots!

Chile's Jorge Montt Glacier shrinks half a mile in a year

2010 spike in Greenland ice loss lifted bedrock, GPS reveals

Uk to build atmospheric sentinel

Skywatchers await lunar exclipse - it starts before moonrise in Britain but if clear could still look good.

And this is rather interesting: why the Haiti earthquake may not have been a natural disaster - the suggesting being that, following research that hurricanes my cause earthquakes, that deforestation was also a contributory cause. And Haiti is one of the most badly deforested countries in the world.


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