2nd December - Today's News: A Record Warm, Dry November Across Europe

Across a large part of England now there are calls for hose pipe ban after warmest November in 353 years. In Germany, parched November the driest month ever whilst Norway sees the warmest November in 111 years. And in Switzerland, mild weather fools trees - meaning that 'officially' it's now spring! - whilst so far, snow is a no-show at Swiss ski resorts.

No drought worries in SW Scotland though, quite the opposite as flood family rescued after being cut off for two days whilst further north, slip could close A83 Rest and be Thankful for 24 hours - the 3rd time the road has been closed by a landslide in 4 years.

Earlier this week, storm 'Berit' leaves 80,000 without power in southern Sweden

Violent wind storm leaves path of destruction in California, other western states

Abrupt permafrost thaw increases climate threat

And it's being suggested that a drop in carbon dioxide levels led to polar ice sheet forming in Antarctica. Basically, whilst CO2 levels were at 600ppm or above, the planet was too warm for an ice sheet to form.

How animals predict earthquakes

And there are fresh fears for Katla, as new Icelandic volcano eruption could have global impact


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