7th December - Today's News: Cold Start to Summer Down Under

As Brisbane chills out through first week of summer - with today probably their coldest December day on record - it's been Sydney's coldest start to summer since 1960.

Here in Britain there's blizzard warning as gales sweep south with up to 4 inches of snow on the way by tomorrow - in Scotland. Nothing much expected down here whatever the media might say - though the odd flurry is possible on Friday with maybe a further risk of snow on Sunday night, before it turns milder again. Still, some nice pictures, especially of the white reindeer. The main concerns though are the winds across Scotland tomorrow and Friday. With another bad storm possible next week, and the current very unsettled conditions looking likely to persist through the month.

In Germany, this season's first wintry weather causes road chaos

French alpine glaciers in retreat

New Taipei City sets record high winter temperature


  1. You provide some interesting facts and figures for a weather geek like me. I too have a blog, albeit not entirely weather related at http://naturestimeline.wordpress.com

    Keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

  2. Hi Tony

    Glad you like it - building up quite a good archive of weather and related news stories here now. And it's certainly keeping me up to date on what's going on around the world! I'll check your blog out :)



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