31st December 2011 - Today's News: 2011 Britain's 2nd Warmest Year

The last of the year!

After a cold 2010, the Met Office announce (to no great surprise) that 2011 UK's second warmest year on record - the actual press release is here.

Looks like being a mild but damp Hogmanay across many parts of Britain tonight, though hopefully not as wet for most as in NZ where New Year's Eve celebrations washed out.

34 die in south India cyclone

And a record heatwave hits South Pole

Why tornadoes take the weekends off in summer - it's all down to pollution

World pays Ecuador not to extract oil from rainforest in an initiative that we may well see become commonplace in future decades.

Cloud Appreciation Society's beautiful 2012 calendar is a hit with sky gazing fans - featuring a stunning photo of Nocties over Fort William taken by my good friend John Cameron.


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