16th December - Today's News: Man Swept From Armchair in NZ Flash Floods

In NZ flash flooding: man swept from armchair and earlier this week in WA thunderstorm causes widespread damage

Snow on Bredon and the Cotswolds this morning, but nothing even fell in Evesham. Last time we had sleet was 27th December 2010. Some parts of the SE have seen snow today though, as well as Wales and further north as Britain wakes to snowfall and heavy rain as bookies slash odds of a White Christmas - though there is nothing at all at present to suggest the southern half of Britain will see snow on the 25th. Maybe Scotland.

The storm that tracked across southern Britain overnight has had more impact on the Continent as winter storm 'Joachim' reaches Germany and storm Joachim arrives in Switzerland

Yesterday morning, snow in Sheffield 'caught out' city council

In Londonderry, storm-hit residents left to pick up pieces

While in Wales, double lightning strike hits Arriva and FGW services

And in Coventry, Keresley residents mystified by apple shower - from a tornado?

Arctic ice melt is reversible: glaciers can reform in a 'geologic instant'

Researchers assess the effects of a world awash in nitrogen - all thanks to them pesky humans. Again.

And the latest development on the hacked climate emails: police sieze computers at West Yorkshire home.


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