26th December - Today's News: A MIld Green Christmas

In stark contrast to one year ago, it've been a very mild, green Christmas in Britain this year - the warmest on record in N Ireland and overall the 3rd warmest for the whole country. Nonetheless, not good news for all as winds of 101mph recorded in Northern Isles

Here in Evesham it was a breezy 12.3c which is a date record since 2003. Though in 2004 I recorded 14.4c on the 23rd December. Last year the max was -4.4c ! Which was also a date record...

In Eire too, there's cheer for swimmers as unseasonal weather puts Greece in the shade

Elsewhere, a rare white Christmas graces Texas panhandle and wild Christmas weather hits Australia as thousands mop up after hail barrage inflicts havoc on Christmas Day.

And in the Philppines, more floods feared as new storm threatens Mindanao


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