6th December - Today's News: Alps Finally See Some Snow

Some good news for those planing a pre-Christmas ski trip as snow finally arrives in the Alps

In Scotland, driver killed on M73 as wintry weather takes hold with caution urged in icy conditions across Scotland today.

Global winds could explain record rains, tornadoes in the US this year

Winter storm blasts New Mexico with snow, cold

In WA, Perth hit by wild storms

It wasn't just Europe that was warm this autumn as in South Korea highest-ever average temperature recorded for November.

Dense smog in Beijing, China stops hundreds of flights

Met Office warns of UK climate risks

UK green energy projects fall by wayside in dash for gas

Cores reveal when Dead Sea 'died' - it was back in the last interglacial, when the climate was warmer than today, suggesting that if GW continues it could dry up again, even without humans taking most of the inflowing water.

NASA's Kepler confirms its first planet in habitable zone outside our solar system - but with different gravity and most likely different chemistry, atmospheric composition and solar radiation, life there would be very different to that on Earth.


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