29th April - Today's News: Spring Snow Surprises Hebrides

Difficult to find any news stories specific to this, but yesterday saw lying snow to sea level across the Inner Hebrides and parts of the mainland coast around Lochaber.   This is unusual even in winter ...  A picture from Coll was used by the BBC as they warned Met Office issues snow warning whilst for some reason Tiree featured as walkers and climbers warned of late spring avalanches

Today snow has fallen across parts of northern England and mainland Scotland - not entirely unknown this time of year, but still unusual to see so much settling to lower levels as snow and sleet hit bank holiday weekend getaway and there's a travel warning as spring snow falls in north and east Scotland.  We haven't seen snow like that in Evesham - at any time of year - in years!

And on the continent, there's weather chaos as Austria hit by April snow


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