22nd April - Today's News: Deadly Indian Heatwave Continues

There are now 330 million impacted by India heat wave that has killed at least 160, officials say

Vietnam's Mekong Delta hit with worst drought in 90 years

Samoas and Wallis brace for an intensifying Cyclone Amos

Flooded southeast Texas gets more wet weather

In Virginia, softball game interrupted by massive dust devil whilst more dramatically another dust devil lifts elementary schoolboy into the air in Gansu, China

Record-busting spring snowstorm leaves giant cleanup in Newfoundland

Global warming is making weather better: 80 per cent of Americans are benefiting from nicer conditions than 40 years ago  Although here in Britain some of us would prefer colder

Aftershock measuring 5.8 magnitude brings fresh misery to Japan whilst another 6.0 quake strikes Ecuador amid recovery efforts

Two volcanoes trigger crises of the late antiquity - the "536AD cold event"

And a nice story from Siberia for Earth Day:  Heroic rescue saves whales trapped by floating ice off Sakhalin Island


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