17th March - Today's News: Can El Nino Help Predict Tornado Season Severity?

Cyclone Pam: Vanuatu relief teams reach damaged islands - the good news is that 'only' 11 people have been confirmed dead.

Freak storm rips homes apart in Kimberley, South Africa

There have been more than 1800 landslides in Bulgaria after the heavy rain and snow earlier this month

East Antarctic melting could be explained by ocean gateways - allowing warmer sea water to reach the base of the Totten glacier

A new study shows that past warming increased snowfall on Antarctica, affecting sea level - and we may reasonably suppose the same will happen again.  The good news is that this may help offset sea level rises due to melting glaciers

And just for fun - and to reference the ridiculous stories for future scorn - according to Nathan Rao, quoting Piers Corbyn, Britain set for hottest Easter ever, as temperatures to rocket to 80f in holiday heatwave.   Still, any excuse to show pictures of girls in bikinis, eh?! Meanwhile, Nathan's other regular 'source' of sensationalist and inaccurate forecasts, James Madden, is predicting more snow  as "the coming days and weeks will now see a reversion to much colder and more notable wintry conditions for the time of year. Unfortunately, there are no signs of any major warmth on the horizon for the foreseeable from the upcoming pattern change, and it is going to feel cold with a number of frequent wintry incursions well into April.".   He also predicts "notable and widespread" snow showers this week .....   As usual, his forecast appears to apply only (vaguely) to the summit of Ben Nevis and the Cairngorm Plateau!


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