28th March - Today's News: Antarctica Records Highest Ever Temperature

Antarctic may have set its highest temperature ever recorded Tuesday as it hit 17.5c at Argentina's Esperanza base.  Of course, we haven't been recording temperatures there for very long and even now the data is very sparse - so it could have been warmer elsewhere in the past.   But still, that's quite warm.

And perhaps then no surprise Antarctic ice shelf thinning speeds up

Climate change does not cause extreme winters, experts say - contradicting other experts who have suggested it does ......  But that's science!

There is more evidence for groundwater on Mars - conditions may be suitable for microbial life - whilst ancient Martian lake system records two water-related events

And finally, what will the weather be like at Easter?   Cold and snowy?   Or the hottest ever?  Well, current indications are neither.   Quite nice, dry and sunny but not especially warm (though pleasant enough in the light winds), with frosts at night.   You read it here first.


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