6th June - Today's News: Autumnal Weather and Tornadoes Hit Britain

Autumn seems to have arrived early .....  A cool, windy day here with over 10mm rain last night and this morning.   In Wales, hundreds without power after strong winds and rain whilst in London there was travel chaos for rail and Tube commuters as wind and rain batters capital

Meanwhile, Britian is hit by a rash of non existent weather as a 'mini tornado' sweeps through industrial estate in Rockfield Road, Blackburn whilst at the weekend it's claimed another 'mini tornado' wrecks Cornhill Highland Games  in NE Scotland.  Whether or not they were tornadoes is a moot point: as the BBC in partiocualr have been told many times, there's a mini cooper and a mini clubman but there's never been a mini tornado.

A new study suggests that the earliest human-made climate change took place 11,500 years ago as the development of farming and associated deforestation in the Middle East increased local erosion

Study estimates amount of water needed to carve Martian valleys - findings suggest Red Planet had ocean, active hydrologic cycle

And astronomers discover a planet hotter than most stars


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