12th January - Today's News: Storms Continue to Batter Britain & NW Europe

It's be a wild few days weatherwise in Britain, and more wild and stormy weather to come this week.  There's even a very small chance of some snow in Evesham (though not settling!) .....  Winds batter Britain causing travel chaos ahead of snow with lots of pictures in the Mail of battered Britain as three rescued after becoming stranded in Cairngorms blizzard as thousands remain without power in north of the country
 (and all credit to the well prepared utilities and emergency services - including Mountain Rescue - who have been providing hot meals to those in remote communities with power).  Today, power supplies still not restired to 1,100 homes.

Meanwhile, in Europe, super storm leaves 40,000 without power as  west Sweden faces rush hour chaos after storm whilst double storms wallop Denmark.  In Lapland, Utsjoki breaks cold record - twice (that's the record for the lowest Finnish temperature this winter) as it drops to -39.6c

Small volcanic eruptions partly explain 'warming hiatus' - one of many factors (because we were unaware of them - how could we know there would be in increase in volcanic activity?) that weren't properly built into the climate models that the so-called sceptics continue to regard as failed gods that ought have been infallible ...


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