14th January - Today's News: First Snow in Evesham for 22 Months

After nearly 22 months the snow drought is over in Evesham with a light dusting on cars and roofs this morning.  Not quite as much as some other places though as Britain hit by thundersnow and mini-tornadoes  whilst  snow causes closure of more than 100 schools in Northern Ireland  and in Scotland, where some places now have up to a foot of lying snow, snow causing further disruption.  All very normal for January, of course.   There are also reports that a 'tornado' flattens garage after striking Harrow in 'scene frm Wizard of Oz' though it is suspected it was straight line wind damage of an already fagile building, and not a tornado.  And in Eire, there is weather chaos - standstill at country's busiest train station after overnight snow.  Tonight it is expected to turn wet and windy across much of the country, before more wintery showers over the weekend.


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