6th January - Today's News: 2014 Warmest Year Globally & for UK

2014 officially hottest year on record according to JMA data.  It seems likely NASA, Hadley and NOAA will follow suite, although it appears that the satellite record is not so emphatic.   Meanwhile  2014 confirmed as UK's warmest year - though for me it was only the warmest since 2011.  2006 was also warmer in my back garden. And not so warm down under as Australia records third-warmest year in 2014.  Their warmest was 2013.  Though Victoria experienced hottest daytime temperatures on record in 2014 and Sydney experienced a record warm year with few cold spells.

And 2014 was warmest year on record for much of Alaska too

A Met Office round-up of extreme global weather - basically the cold spells in the Middle East and North America.  There are warnings that police may shut roads into Jerusalem ahead of forecasted storm whilst in the US frigid Lake Michigan turns to ice as winter storm 'Gorgon' threatens to drop 2,000 square miles of snow and even out in the Pacific winter weather breaks records again in Hawaii

And the common cold really is triggered by cold weather, Yale scientists find - so why do we get them in this country then?!


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