2nd January - Today's News: Britain, Germany & Norway Report Warmest Year on Record

Bliadhna Mhath Ur!

2014 was the warmest year in record in Britain as the Met Office summarise 2014: a year in weather and we were not alone as 2014 was the warmest year of history in Norway and in Germany too 2014 was the warmest year on record: official.   Denmark and France have already declared 2014 the warmest in their records as well.   But the Finns failed to join the club: 2014 the second hottest year in Finnish history, beaten by 1938 whilst 2104 one of the warmest Czech years on record, but exact positon not yet confirmed

And despite seeing some cold and snowy weather at times, 17 US cities on track for hottest year.

And the Rao-Madden comedy show continues as they try and extent their record for totally wrong weather forecasts, today warning that Britain set for five months of freezing temperatures as 2015 winter chill sets in.  Well it is a tad cooler today than yesterday ....


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