27th August - Today's News: East Coast Evacuations Ahead of Irene

In the US, the assault begins: Torrential rain and tropical winds lash the Carolinas as Irene makes landfall with millions in US urged to flee path of Hurricane Irene. The main concern is the storm surge.

Elsewhere in the US, Las Vegas heat makes another entry in the record books

With over 19mm of rain yesterday - in part thanks to the first thunderstorm in over 2 months - rainfall here in the past 2 days is now more than for the previous 2 months. We may even end up with slightly above average rainfall this month now, though much depends on what showers we catch today. No problems here, but in Wales, flash flooding hits Port Talbot, Neath and Baglan


Typhoon triggered landslide kills 2 in Philippines

Eastern Europe heatwave alert

And back in Britain: Bad summer weather hits baby bats, says conservationists


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