15th August - Today's News: Storm Winds Collapse Indiana Stage Killing 5

Five killed as 'freak wind' blows down festival stage at the Indiana State Fair

In NZ, snow blankets many parts of the country as snow falls in Auckland for the first time in decades - in fact, since June 1976

In Britain, supposedly, summer 'over' as bad weather prepares to set in for August - here in Evesham, as well as being an exceptionally dry month - again! - it's also so far been the warmest August since 2003. Bit cloudy, but hardly a bad summer! some decent rain would be nice but I can't see it happening. And I'm not convinced it'll be particularly cool in these parts over the second half of the month either. Certainly very warm out there this morning!

NYC sets record for rainfall at JFK airport - worth noting that 7.72" is slightly more than we've had in Evesham all year .... In contrast, drought is limiting targets for Texas cloud seeding - they just can't find any clouds to seed!

And new rains prompt west Sweden flood warning

Bermuda braced for Tropical Storm Gert

Smelly surprises lurk beneath Missouri River flood

Arctic ice melt could pause for several years, then resume again - based on computer simulations. And we all know how much the so-called sceptics trust them!

And finally, good news for Dumb and Dumber as it's claimed that another giant UK ash cloud 'unlikely' in our lifetimes.


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