2nd August - Today's News: July was Oklahoma's Hottest Month Ever

Unheard of heat continues in NE Oklahoma as the Oklahoma Climatological Surveys says July was the hottest month ever recorded in the state. And across the US, there was at least one July heat record set in every state.

And here in Britain, southeast basks in balmy weather - but it wont last. Fortunately. A very muggy 28c here yesterday. Incidentally, are they even aware that in South Africa and Australia it's currently mid winter? No wonder London is warmer ....

Steady rain causes flooding in eastern Germany

In NZ, spring should be warmer than usual thanks to ENSO being in a neutral state.

In parts of China, continuous drought leaves 4.28 mln people short of water

Toll from two Philippine storms rises to 70

NASA satellite tracks severity of African drought

US sets drought monitor's 'exceptional drought' record in July - though to be fair, the monitor has only been running for 12 years!

Snow, rain hit world's driest desert

The denial squad are up in arms again over on WUWT as a study finds aerosols affect climate more than satellite estimates predict. Though oddly, they don't seem to be disputing the idea that aerosols affect climate and thus they are tacitly accepting anthropogenic climate change .... The actual paper can be accessed as a pdf here.

And on the subject of satellites, the latest July data from the UAH makes interesting viewing. Whither cooling now I wonder?

It's often argued that increased atmospheric CO2 is good for plants and that they will grow stronger and , indeed, store more carbon. Well that is true, so long as they also receive increased nitrogen. Which in turn causes a problem since a new study has found that climatic benefits from carbon sequestration are largely offset by increased nitrous oxide emissions.

Ancient glacial melting shows that small amount of subsurface warming can trigger rapid collapse of ice shelves

Avoiding Nemesis: does impact rate for asteroids and comets vary periodically with time?


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