23rd August - Today's News: Hurricane Irene to Hit USA?

Hurricane Irene marks first big US threat in years - it could be the first to make proper landfall in the States since Ike hit Texas in 2008. Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas all at risk at this stage. For now though, Dominican Republic braces for Hurricane Irene. Irene is the first Atlantic storm to reach hurricane status this year.

More from Ontario, Canada where Goderich residents assess tornado damage, begin clean-up after the weekend's storm.

Somewhere I'm glad I don't live: sweltering Oklahoma City's 51 days of 100-degree heat breaks 31 year record

Switzerland swelters in August heatwave

In NZ, spring returns after icy interlude

And here's a surprise: climate change scientist cleared in US over emails

It's a blog, it's opinion, but I think it's well worth reading about the myth of mountaintop removal mining.

A surprising ally in the war against further destruction of remote hillsides as windfarms prevent detection of secret nuclear weapon tests, says MoD

Oldest fossils on Earth discovered and a few billion of years later, early forests tamed wild rivers

And finally, what's going on at Essan? Eight earthquakes recorded in Lochailort ..... !


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