19th August - Today's News: 5 Killed as Storm Hits Belgium Music Festival

The second such event this month, as Belgium festival death reach five.

Dorset flash flooding causes disruption whilst neighbouring Hampshire sees flooding after heavy rain fall - some places had as much rain in a few hours as we in Evesham have had all summer. It was reportedly Bournemouth's wettest day for 30 years. Some dramatic pictures here. A cool wet day here too, but only 2.1mm fell in my garden. I can't help thinking that when the Evesham drought breaks, it may do so in similar dramatic fashion....

Another big dust storm envelops Phoenix, downs power lines - I do hope Piers Corbyn forecast it after making such a fuss about correctly predicting dusts storms occurring somewhere or other back in July ..... (but I bet he didn't).

2011 set to become worst ever year for US weather disaster - and we may yet have hurricanes to come.

In Taiwan, typhoon and flood research institute launched in Taichung City

In Uganda: landslide risk as rains drench eastern districts

Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon up 15%

World's forests absorb almost 40 percent of man made CO2 - assuming they don't get burnt down for soya or palm oil plantations ....

Greenland glacier melting faster than expected, but on the other hand research suggests polar ice caps can recover from warmer climate-induced melting. Which is pretty obvious when you think about it.

Climate change drives animals to high ground

And we'd better watch out because aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, scientists say. And I wouldn't blame them, either!

Sun storms 'could be more disruptive within decades' - assuming of course that we are indeed entering a 'grand minimum'.

Moon younger than previously thought, analysis of lunar rock reveals - it may only be 4.36 billion years old, and not closer to 4.5 billion as previously thought ..... !

And it's a small world afterall: Earth is not expanding, NASA research confirms. Neal Adams' accolytes will be most upset!


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