24th August - Today's News: Earthquakes Rattle USA

Hot on the heals of the Lochailort earthquakes, the US gets hit by 2 in a day in places not usually known for them. First up, Colorado experiences largest quake in more than 40 years and then Virginia earthquake felt in Washington and New York.

But there's a bigger worry for those on the east coast with Florida and Carolinas on alert as Hurricane Irene rips through Caribbean on a trajectory that could see it impacting New York at the weekend. Meanwhile, tourists ordered off tiny NC island ahead of Irene

Houston breaks record of 100-degree days but for those in California, especial San Jose: this August has been the coolest in 35 years.

Heatwave hits Austria with August looking certain to be one pf the warmest months ever there.

And here in England, a floody hell feared for the south* - well, there is a risk of some heavy showers over the next few days. Even here in the Desert! Potentially we could see our wettest day of the year. We'll see.

* okay, not much of a story, I just likes the headline!

Permafrost could release vast amounts of carbon and accelerate climate change by end of century - and no taxes on cars will stop it!

Southern South American wildfires expected to increase

How many species on Earth? About 8.7 million, new estimate says. And falling ....


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