1st August - Today's News: Deluges Cause More Problems in East Asia

Just back from an enjoyable weekend in the Cheviots - despite the meeting lasting a mammoth 9 hours, I still managed to get up a hill. And drink lots of red wine. Good weather - and this morning the British press are full of stories about it being quite warm this week, though some thundery showers look likely too. Normal summer weather then. Some rain round here would be good - only 53% of average rainfall in Evesham during July as the 'drought' continues unabated. The last wet month here was August 2010.

Somewhat different in east Asia though where Torrential rain hits NW China whilst there are 3 dead, 3 missing as heavy rains lash northeastern Japan and South Korea rain deluge hits weapons dumps.

However, hot weather persist in central United States whilst extreme drought continues in Texas as Tropical Storm Don fails to bring prayed-for rain to parched state

And according to the Daily Star, Brits to bake in 100f. Which is probably true. If they happen to be on holiday in Egypt. Meanwhile, for Ireland it's been the coldest July in 50 years and no sign of a summer heatwave.

The irony is not funny as Somali famine victims lose homes as torrential rain hits refugee camps.

Russian city reels from $3 million tornado damage - video of this rare event can be seen here.

Another sea level story, though primary about the Eemian this time as it's found that sea level rise less from Greenland, more from Antarctica, than expected during last interglacial

New satellite data suggests Earth's atmosphere may be more efficient at releasing energy to space than climate models indicate. Upshot of which is that climate model projections may be even less reliable than thought. This does not however in any slightest way disprove AGW.

And last, but by no means least, happy birthday weather forecasts.


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