3rd August - Today's News: Hot Weather Brings Greenflies and Green Broads

Here in the UK sudden hot spell turns Norfolk Broads into pea soup as rampant poison algae spreads whilst apparently the great greenfly invasion follows in wake of hot spring - can't say I've noticed any yet this year.

Heat warnings issued for 12 states as U.S. continues to swelter in record-breaking temperatures

And the July heat in Washington was unprecented

But record heat unlikely to cool climate change debate

Meanwhile it's also been a hot August day for Sydney - where of course it's still winter.

Tropical Storm Emily headed for Hispaniola - latest indications are that at worst it'll just clip the coast of Florida or the Carolinas.

More heavy rain and flooding in Manila as typhoon fuels monsoon in Philippines

Russia may lose 30% of permafrost by 2050

Three Himalayan glaciers shrinking

And finally, a totally off topic story that most definitely deserves mentioning: fireman's lift saves Ben Nevis crisis dog. Always heartening to know that there are good people out there! Well done Davie :)


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