9th August -Today's News: July Hottest Month Ever for Southern USA

Brutal heat still grip south-central U.S. as the southern states break US heat record in July. The full NOAA report is here. Overall, the USA had its 4th warmest July on record.

In Scotland, care home residents are avacuated in flood threat

In Pakistan - where the monsoon is underway - rain wreaks havoc in Islamabad, cities in Punjab and KP

Muifa downgrades, rain continues in nort-east China

Helsinki battles with snow that just won't melt - manmade glacier anyone?

Billion year old piece of North America traced back to Antarctica - I'll have to ask the 'expanding earth' advocates about that one!

Finally, let's get one thing clear. The braindead zombie scum causing trouble in London and elsewhere are looters and arsonists and nothing more. Criminals pure and simple. They are not protesting about anything, and their actions are not the fault of the current government. Rather it is the fault of successive governments - and society as a whole - which has allowed all sense of responsibility to be eroded and replaced with an expectation of rights, for the State to always provide whatever we thing we need - rather that for us to make all possible effort to provide it first, assuming we really need it in the first place - and a culture of everything always being somebody else's fault. And yes, ambulance chasing lawyers are as much a part of the problem as the unionistas and the (not)do-gooding bleeding heart liberal ignornauses.

The time has come to scrap all Rights and replace them with a Human Responsiblity Act. Only with an acceptance of responsibility do we have any rights. Failure to accept and uphold your fundamental human responsibilities - such as respecting and protecting life and property - results in removal of all rights. Then it's your choice.

Meanwhile, these scum must not be treated the same as the majority law abiding citizens. They chose to partake in violent criminal actrs for their own material gain and gratification. They must face the consequences. All of them. And those consequences should last a lifetime.


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