6th August - Today's News: Summer Fog in Newfoundland

Augember? Fogust? Bad weather dampens mood in fog hit Newfoundland and Labrador

'Green slime' outbreak blamed on pollution, not just hot weather

Typhoon Muifa to bring gales, rain to China over next three days

Meanwhile, flood stricken DPRK suffers more serious damage

Tropical storm ravages Thailand

Research shakes up tornado theories

Montana weather linked to ocean temperatures near Peru

Amazon deforestation on the rise again in Brazil

Antony Watts has found that analysing the complete hadCRUT yields surprising results - surprising that is to those who still think global warming means everywhere getting warmer .....

Light shed on South Pole dinosaurs - seems they did not hibernate during winter as previously thought.

And a new idea about the PT Extinction: did past climate change encourage tree-killing fungi?


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