26th August - Today's News: Irene Hammers Bahamas; US Declares Emergency in 6 States

Hurricane Irene hammers Bahamas whilst emergency declared in six States - Stu Robinson is over in North Carolina hoping to observe Irene make landfall. And it's a biggie: NASA satellites Hurricane Irene almost one-third size of US east coast. Looks like it may well cause problems for New York and New England later in the weekend. And in that respect, Irene conjures memories of 'great storm' of 1938.

20.7mm in my gauge in total yesterday - nearly as much as for the whole of July! And today it's cool and drizzly with a risk of thunderstorms later. Definitely the wettest spell of whether since the same week last year. The rain hasn't caused any problems here as yet but elsewhere in the country we could see some flooding today (especially in the SW) and yesterday in Wales there was a warning after storm damage hits Crumlin and Newbridge

For Taiwan, the impact of tropical storms Nanmadol, Talas remains unclear - they are currently circling one another and look likely to merge. Not a common event.

Drought-hit Kenya turns to cloud seeding for rain - but will inducing rain over Kenya mean less rain elsewhere?

Mark Beaumont completes Arctic pole row while Arctic sea routes open as ice melts

Claims of drought-driven declines in plant productivity, global food security refuted

NASA scientists detect pothole on road to higher seas

And finally, a very good piece from Michael Hanlon on cosmic rays vs the global warmers


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