30th August - Today's News: Irene Leaves Vermont Under Water

Over the weekend Hurricane Irene claims lives and leaves trail of destruction. For New Jersey, Irene could have been worse but Hurricane Irene shuts down US nuclear reactors and flooding conditions 'awful' in Vermont due to Irene's rains. Today, death toll reaches 40 as recovery begins but Vermont's misery continues as flooding isolates communities.

Some are asking did media go overboard hyping Hurricane Irene? Maybe they should ask those who are dead .....

But Irene wasn't the only big storm at the weekend. Typhoon Nanmadol causes chaos in Taiwan whilst Typhoon Mina leaves 10 dead, 12 injured, 5 missing in Cordillera (Nanmandol is known as Mina in the Philippines)

Here in Britain summer? It's the coldest in for 18 years but in contrast, in Arizona August temperatures hit record 117

In Germany, hailstorms cut western swath of damage

And finally, despite some atrocious conditions, especially for the walk out on Sunday (there was snow on the summit of Cairngorm), the MBA successfully replaced the Ford of Avon Refuge Hut at the weekend. Well done to all concerned.


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