23rd June - Today's News: Pakistan Heatwave Toll Tops 450

Pakistan calls for urgent measures as heatwave toll tops 450

Meanwhile, an Indian village experiences the pitter patter of fish from sky and 22 killed as heavy rains batter coastal M'rashtra 

Derecho: Strong storms cause damage across Midwest with five rescued from storm-damaged buildings in Michigan

More Alaska temperature records fall in wave of new highs

But New Zealand drops to 20c below freezing

Typhoon Kujira makes landfall in south China

Chile's Santiago declares smog emergency

Photos of dazzling northern lights, major geomagnetic storm hits Earth.  It was too cloudy (and too light!) to see anything here but there was a good display of the aurora down under as secret light show dazzled early risers and night owls across Australia

An uplifted island: The island Isla Santa Maria in south of central Chile rose by 2m after the 2010 earthquake

A mysterious 'pyramid' spotted on surface of Ceres - is it a lone mountain?   Or an alien city ....... ?!

And perhaps the daftest story of the year so far:  is this proof the US is carrying out SECRET weather tests that could cause an earthquake?  No.  But it is proof that some Americans are incredibly naive, gullible and very ignorant .....


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