6th June - Today's News: At Least Eleven Climbers Dead as Earthquake Hits Malaysian Mountain

There are now 11 confirmed deaths as earthquake-stranded climbers rescued from atop Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu with several still missing.

Colorado storms escalate into devastating tornadoes and hailstorms and some good pictures as stunning stovepipe tornado grinds across Colorado landscape near Denver

Tropical storm hits Kent with reports of flash flooding and giant hailstones - hmmm, I think you'll find it was a thunderstorm and the hail, though big for Britain, was not quite so impressive compared with the cricket ball sized stones they sometimes get elsewhere in the world.  

Drought in Puerto Rico threatens prolonged water rationing

In China, heavy rains lash Hunan, claim six lives

Antarctic sea ice sets new high in May

Hubble studies Pluto's wobbly moons


  1. http://blogs.agu.org/landslideblog/2015/06/08/the-mount-kinabalu-rockfall-on-friday/



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