2nd August - Today's News: Record Rainfall in Parts of North America

In the US, the rain that caused deadly Md. flood a '1-in-1,000' year event - they seem to be getting a few of them just lately ....   Meanwhile, in Canada, Calgary hasn't had this much rain in July since 1927 and in Alaska record rain continues to drench Fairbanks

In Wales, people rescued from flood water as more rain falls on first day of August than whole of July.  Here we had 9.8mm of rain overnight which is just 0.5mm short of my total for the whole of July.   The point being not that anywhere had an unusual amount of rain, just that July was very unusually dry in some places ....

A suggestion that some of the last woolly mammoths 'died of thirst'

And back on the rain front, confirmation that 2015 saw Britain experience exceptional rainfall and mildest December in at least 350 years


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