27th November - Today's News: Brisbane Battered by Golf Ball Sized Hail

Brisbane storms catches city by surprise with widspread damage from winds and golf ball sized hailstones.  And in the west, wild storm brings havoc to Perth

What happens in Siberia if it's so cold the brakes on the plane freeze? "If you want to fly, give the plane a push"

A report from the Royal Society reports that risk from extreme weather is set to rise (which to be fair, would be the case whatever was going on with the climate, simply by virtue of more and more people living in places already prone to extreme weather events, or even, as in Britain, just living on existing floodplains).

And other studies likewise tells us only what we already knew (and I've mentioned here numerous times over the past few years) that geo-engineering: climate fixes 'could harm billions'

Renewables 'biggest power source' in Scotland.  Except when it is very cold or very hot and land wind farms cease working ....

And now that Nathan Rao is freelance (rather than directly employed by the Daily Express) he is free to write ever more sensational stories.  Which perhaps explains his latest warning that the world will end in seven years, warns terrifying prophecy, based on the bizarre ramblings of some religious nutters.  Though his other offering yesterday is hardly any more accurate saying that UK faces snowstorms and plunging temperatures as Arctic December hits -  it's not looking particularly cold (though to be fair, it won't be all that mild - temperatures mostly near normal) over the next couple of weeks and if anything  less snowy than normal for the time of year ....  As for the Met Office comment that he quotes, well, unless it's as bad as last winter, then of course we'll get some cold spells sometime between now and March!

But will Nathan cover the real story?  Autumn set to be third warmest on record and the year remains on track to be the warmest ever, certainly for the meteorological year which ends this weekend.


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