14th July - Today's News: Tornado Injures 8 on North Sea Island

Eight injured as German tornado hits North Sea island

Deadly storm cuts power across northern Philippines - Typhoon Conson being the first of the season.

Amazon storm killed half a billion trees in 2005

50 missing after flood washes through China town as rains continue in flood-hit China

Russia urges siesta regime for workers amid record heat wave

If you're looking for a last minute hot weather holiday destination, then Central Europe may be the place where Austria beats Turkey as heatwave lingers on whilst Germany swelters amid soaring temperatures.

In Scotland, 'tornado' cloud fails to send top sailors into a spin

And in England, 60 miles of canal closed in drought - though ironically it's rained in the area every day this week with more over the coming days.

btw it's St Swithin's Day tomorrow. And it's looking wet - which traditionally suggests that unsettled weather will likely predominate for the rest of the summer. We'll see!

Large fracture from Titanic-linked glacier likely to reach Canada's east coast whilst the sea ice melting faster in Arctic - the rapid melt through May and June leading to predictions we could see a record low extent of sea ice by the end of the summer. However Antarctic sea ice extent continues to increase. And I note with interest on the NSIDC News Page it says that:
Moreover, rising levels of greenhouse gases and the loss of stratospheric ozone appear to be affecting wind patterns around Antarctica. Shifts in this circulation are referred to as the Antarctic Oscillation (AAO). As greenhouse gases have increased, and especially when ozone is lost in spring, there is a tendency for these winds to strengthen (a positive AAO index). The net effect is to push sea ice eastward, and northward, increasing the ice extent. As the current sea ice anomaly has developed, the AAO index has been strongly positive.
Human activity leading to a change in climatic conditions. Who'd have thought it?!


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