30th July - Today's News: New Record High Temps in Moscow, Finland

The latest State of the Climate Report has been issued by the NOAA and published in BAMS - and as the MetO press release says, there are unmistakable signs of a warming world.

And it's certainly continuing warm in Russia where sweltering heat breaks new record in Moscow - with 37.7c recorded in the city and 38.7c at Domodedovo airport just outside the capital. Meanwhile fires rage on as Moscow suffers 'hottest day ever' with hundreds of homes destroyed by Russia wildfires. The hot weather has also spread into Finland which looks like being the latest country to break its record high temp this year with 37.2c recorded at Joensuu.

There's now a second heatwave warning issued for a large part of China and Mongolia while another landslide adds to China flood woes.

There are reportedly at least 267 killed and thousands missing in Pakistan's worst flooding for 80 years

And in the USA they are speculating that July could be the hottest month on record and to make it worse, scientists predict more frequent, more intense heatwaves for New York.

There are new signs of reversal of Arctic cooling - based on tree ring analysis from the Kola peninsular. Unlike Briffa's controversial Yamal reconstruction, it does not show a peak in the 1990s, but peaks in the mid 20th century before dropping again ...... which supports those like Steve McIntyre who have strongly criticised Briffa's reconstruction. Unfortunately however, it then shows an upward trend from 1990 onwards. Until then, the temp reconstruction closely matched variations on solar activity. Since 1990 however it appears something else has been driving the temp trend. Whatever could it be?

Well, maybe it's soot? UI researcher finds black carbon implicated in global warming - nothing we didn't already know, of course, but it does seem that the anti-science mob find this idea a little more palatable than CO2. Which, incidently, 'Lord' Monckton has recently 'come out' in support of on WUWT! Looks like Roger Pielke Sr might have finally persuaded him to jump the denial ship and swim ashore to the middle ground.

Meanwhile, still on the subject of soot, it's being suggested that the best hope for saving Arctic sea ice is cutting soot emissions. And there are other benefits too - not least reducing deforestation and subsequent floods and landslides (a lot of soot comes from wood fires in third world countries).

Trapped glacier water threatens French valley

Wind energy now represents 2.5% of all UK electricity production - but only when all our wind farms are running to full potential. In other words, not when it's freezing cold in mid winter, we need more electricity for heating ..... and there's no wind blowing ..... Oops .....


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