10th February - Today's News: Snow Continues in New England

Third straight Monday winter storm brings freezing rain to NYC with yet another snow storm predicted for Northeast later this week.  Meanwhile, the chances of seeing a level 1cm of snow in Evesham this winter remain at zero ....   So how bad is Boston's winter?  They've run out of room to dump the snow.

Heart of Earth's inner core reveals - and no dinosaurs, Nazi UFOs or Aghartans to be seen ....

The Sun's activity in the 18th century was similar to that now - so, since the Sun is the primary controller of our climate and human activity has a negligable effect, global climate ought be similar too.  Right?   Ah ....

And whilst I wouldn't give Booker's wholly inaccurate and misleading tripe in the Telegraph at the weekend the time of day, I will add this good response on how temperature data is not "the biggest scientific scandal ever" - and note that I too observe how such false stories rely on the public's short memory and ignorance.   I believe it is called fraud....


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