6th February - Today's News: Southern Europe Hit by Heavy Snow

Rubbing it in further for us in snowless England .... winter storm causing havoc in southern Europe as Snow traps over 200 motorists in Spain and cold snap brings heavy snow to Italy, whilst further south, Pompeii wall collapses amid heavy rain.   There were some light snow flurries in parts of the SE yesterday, but some parts of England have yet to see even very temporary snow cover (including Evesham, apart from a few minutes in the early hours of last Saturday morning) this winter, and with high pressure dominating for at least the next week, the chances of it occurring diminish by the day ....

Australia on heatwave alert as temperatures set to soar (again) - and my provisional "antipodean SLATless forecast" for Britain this summer is for some good, hot weather and quite a few thunderstorms.   Much like last year in fact.  Some local records possible even.

In Thailand, RID issues drought alert as reservoir levels fall to their lowest in 15 years

And ancient climate record 'back predictions' of future climate if CO2 levels continue to rise


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